A firm at a Human scale

Our creative and technically advanced team is focused on client
satisfaction and quality of work.

A firm at a Human scale

A team of passionate and dedicated individuals


Our personalized approach and efficient project management methods permit us to respond to the client’s requirements throughout the project’s development. We are easy to work with, and open minded. This approach allows us to work successfully in various environments such as the commercial markets as well as the institutional sectors and the residential fields, where timely solutions and client satisfaction are essential. 

We strive to improve our built environment in several ways: aesthetically, functionally and economically, all without compromising the durability, and longevity of the end product. Our project portfolio is diverse, including new construction, additions, renovation, as well as historical rehabilitation.

With over 15 years experience in the US and Canada, Jutras Architecture is an ideal team member to assist a Canadian or US business with its cross border business expansion or relocation.


Our team has a strong continuing education program for all its members to be able to utilise and apply the latest methods and proven technology, which allows our clients to obtain a better cost/benefit ratio for their projects.

This culture of innovation translates itself into in our architectural signature, building envelope systems, and construction methods. Our dynamic team of professionals constantly challenges itself to improve the project’s design, its fonctionality, the quality of construction, and ultimately, its cost/benefit ratio.