Integrated Services

Our team offers a spectrum of services to provide
a seamless experience to our clients.

Integrated Services

With a multidisciplinary, and creative approach


Our diversified team of professionals allows us to offer traditional architectural services, and more, including: conceptual design, interior design, space programming, technical expertise, architectural construction documentation (drawings and specifications), historical preservation, tenders, construction cost estimation, construction site supervision, construction contract administration and LEED accreditation. 

Building Envelope

We have established a solid reputation and have extensive knowledge of building envelope technology for masonry (brick or stone veneer), roofs, thermal efficiency problems, and openings (windows, doors, etc). We performed building inspections, correct defective building envelopes, and esthablish maintenance timetables. This expertise in building envelope analysis ensure that our clients obtain a finished product that has been fully evaluated, and designed towards a sustainable construction.

Interior Design

Our team also includes a full time interior designer enabling us to offer high quality design services for projects such as offices, clinics, daycare, restaurant and retail.


Jutras Architecture also owns and manages a construction branch, which specializes in constructing the interiors projects that we design, as well as implementing the building envelope corrections proposed in our technical building analysis. The capacity to offer these services from conception to project completion provides our clientele with a seamless, worry-free experience.